SEP Series

Drilling industry : Prudhoe Bay oil field

Death Horse, AK, USA, 2015

Fraco has been mandated by Structural, the industry leader of repair solutions, to develop an access solution for a large oil drilling facility located over the polar circle. Fraco designed and supplied two SEP Series twin mast transport platforms.

Structural was looking for a 25 feet long transport platform to be installed on a 55 feet high temporary multi-level platform. With a load capacity of 6 000 pounds, the equipment will be used to carry material such as structural beams, steel deck, demolition debris and personnel.

From the beginning, Fraco has faced few challenges. First, the company had to deal with an expedited delivery schedule due to tight delay. Because of weather conditions, the work window to complete Phase 1 of the project is from end of June to mid-September. In Alaska, temperature can fall to 1 degree Fahrenheit at the end of September. Second, the operating conditions requested special components and controls that must handle cold temperature as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fraco has designed a new transport platform which is fully compliant with ANSI A92.10 standards. The product is a twin masts platform powered by a single 20 H.P. electrical motor gear box and synchronized by two large driving shafts mounted as planetary assembly. Control systems include a VFC for smooth operation and control circuits for a safe utilization. Each unit also includes an over speed device. A freestanding chassis made of mast assembly with adjustable legs has been developed in order to optimize the use of similar parts as much as possible. The platform is also equipped with two loading/unloading ramps which are hydraulically operated from an independent power pack and three cylinders. Guard rails are integrated.

For Structural, the benefit to use such a platform is undeniable. Frank Martinelli, Senior Director of Construction at Structural: “when considering the whole project, those transport platforms will allow us to cut by half the initial budget for the use of a crane”.

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