Actuation System for the Upper Limbs

  • Hybrid system combining passive and quasi-passive actuation to support and assist the mason’s arm
  • Assists the mason in lifting and placing the masonry blocks as well as manipulating masonry tools
  • Does no restrict the mason’s ease and range of motion when using the trowel and applying mortar
  • Aims at reducing muscle fatigue during various tasks involving the upper limbs

Quasi-Passive Joint Locking Mechanism

  • Support the weight of the mason’s arm, masonry blocks and tools by compensating for gravity
  • Positioned directly at the arm articulations
  • Supports torques of up to N·m on the elbow and shoulder joints
  • Can support up to 15 lb per arm (outstretched arm)
  • Can support up to 26 lb per arm at the elbow
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Rapid engagement/disengagement
  • Several days of autonomy for standard masonry tasks
  • Compatible with Li-on packs

Passive Lifting Assistance Mechanism

  • Consists of an elastic system coupled with an optimized spring-cam mechanism
  • Provides up to 27.5 N·m (Peak) at the shoulder joint and 17.5 N·m at the elbow joint to the user when lifting objects with his arms
  • Can lift up to 10.5 lb per arm (outstretched arm)
  • Can lift up to 10.5 lb per arm at the elbow joint

Data provided for a man of average height (5’10”)