Common tower system

Système de tour commune

Common tower system
Elevator Accessories

The Common Tower System (CTS) is Fraco’s logistic solution that allows all types of construction elevators to be installed on new buildings and renovation projects. The CTS maximises the access capability of personnel and materials whilst minimizing the quantity and size of openings into the building.


The CTS is made with light aluminum components developped around the Fraco Safe Build Technology (SBT). All SBT products call for a concept of installation with the primary focusing being safety of the worker. Accent is put on simplicity, easily manageable components both in terms of weight and size, locking pins tethered to components. A Lego type approach negates even making measurements and perimeter sills. The concept involves notched slots and sliding spring pin latches and linked pins to secure side and gates. There are no pieces not easily managed, there are no loose fasteners or washers, nothing to cut, nothing to measure, no point not secured and tie-off not provided. There is no need for wrenches, hammers or tape measures.


Fraco’s Common Tower System provides can host up to three dual hoists. As a stand alone system it creates remote landings outside the build area. To this benefit the three hoist footprint on the building is reduced to 16 feet, buildings interior fit out can be nearly completed, and facades and curtain walls can be installed between platform and building. This is a benefit that can not be obtained with standard set back structures or flush mount hoists.

On high rise structures the lower ˜loors can be completely itted out while building is hermetically seal to maintain environmentals.

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