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FMC-3 mast climbing work platform

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The FMC-3 is the perfect access solution for light construction and restoration. This work platform distinguishes itself by its great adaptability, thanks to the built-in floor extensions of progressive lengths that allow an extension of the working area of up to 8 feet 6 inches (2,6 meters). For safety, these extensions can be locked and are provided with a non-slip material to avoid accidental falls

The FMC-3 uses a reliable and proven rack and pinion lift system. It is equipped with a Honda gasoline engine or with electrical motors

The FMC-3 can also be delivered with a trailer that makes it easier to move on the road and jobsite.

Technical data

Model :
Units :
Maximum length of platform w/ single mast (double)
10 m (30,5 m)
Maximum payload (single mast configuration)
1 360 kg
Lifting speed
7,3 m / min
Maximum width of working area (with 5 ft (1,5 m) floor extensions)
2,6 m
Maximum height
120 m
Standard distance between anchors
7 m
Lifting system
Rack and pinion (module 6)
Type of engine (power supply)
Electric motors (1-Phase 220 V / 60 Hz)
Motorized unit dimensions (L x l x H) / weight
1,36 m x 0,94 m x 1,44 m / 544 kg
Mast section dimensions (L x l x H) / weight
0,45 m x 0,45 m x 1,49 m / 77 kg
Extensions dimensions (L x l x H) / weight
1,5 m x 1,2 m x 0,9 m / 104 kg
Floor extensions dimensions (L x l x H) / weight
1,2 m x 0,43 m x 0,07 m / 13,6 kg
Standard compliance
ANSI 92.9; CSA B354.7-17;

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