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FRSM-20K mast climbing work platform

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The FRSM-20K work platform combines safety, sturdiness and capacity for mid- to large-size job sites. Used with one or two masts, this system of cantilevers and bridges allows users to benefit from over 130 different configurations. The FRSM-20K is perfect for masonry projects below 80 feet (25 meters) in height, but it also distinguishes itself when comfort, safety and performance in high altitude are required.

Its ratchet drive mechanism calls for minimum maintenance and gives the FRSM-20K all the power required. Assembled with one mast, this self-contained unit offers:

  • a maximum length of 47 feet 6 inches (14,5 meters) with a single mast;
  • a payload of 10 000 pounds (4 535 kilograms);
  • a lifting speed up to 7 feet (2,2 meters) per minute.


With the 127 feet x 45 feet (38,7 meters x 13,7 meters) freestanding set-up, only 2 hours are necessary to move 5 715 square foot (591 square meters) of workable area from point A to B. This can be done with few picks under regular jobsite conditions by using an 8 000 pounds (3 630 kilograms) payload forklift. This set-up is also ideal for masons as it offers a payload of 150 pounds (68 kilograms) per linear foot and an even distribution of material, which greatly improves efficiency and productivity.

Technical data

Model :
Units :
Maximum length of platform w/ single mast (double)
14,5 m (38,7 m)
Maximum payload (single mast configuration)
4 535 kg / mast
Lifting speed
0 to 2,2 m / min
Maximum width of upper step working area
1,78 m + 1,5 m
Maximum width of lower step working area
1,5 m
Maximum height (on ground base and anchors)
168 m
Maximum height (on freestanding universal base)
13,7 m
Standard distance between anchors
9,1 m
Lifting system
Hydraulic ratchet drive mechanism
Type of engine
13 H.P. gasoline honda engine (electrical and diesel also available)
Motorized unit dimensions (l x w x h) / weight
2,3 m x 2,3 m x 1,6 m / 1 340 kg
Universal freestanding base dimensions (l x w) / weight
3,78 m x 3,94 m / 975 kg
Mast section dimensions (l x w x h) / weight
0,5 m x 0,5 m x 1,49 m / 115 kg

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Case study

Towson, MD, USA, 2016


West Village Housing of Towson University

Fraco distinguished itself by providing several FRSM-20K units that were installed on the site of a major residential building project for university students.

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Montreal, QC, Canada, 2008


Westin Hotel Montreal

The conversion of the former Montreal Gazette building gave Fraco the opportunity to show how its equipment can be useful. Several FRSM-20K platforms were used to add a five (5) storey section above the existing building and build a new building.

/images/etude-de-cas/atlantic-packaging/Pulp and paper
Scarborough, ON, Canada, 2005


Atlantic Packaging Recycling Facility

The company T.A.C., which installs resistant anti-corrosion coating systems, called on Fraco to set up a work area to allow the construction of three (3) storage tanks. Fraco proposed a solution bringing together six (6) FRSM-20K platforms for this pulp & paper industry project!

Montreal, Fall 2019


Multiplication of Fraco Platforms in Montreal

Built on the site of the former Armstrong (floor tile manufacturing) plant in the Côte-des-Neiges / Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough, the Westbury Montreal project is another example of the current trend to create urban neighborhoods. It is less than 15 minutes from any major destination, and close to three major revitalization axes that will see the light of day in the coming years. The construction of the first two buildings at one point monopolized 16 FRSM-20K work platforms manufactured by Fraco.

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