Quick Back System

Runback system

Quick Back System

Simple and efficient

The Quickback platform system is the perfect complement to SEH Series construction hoists or other elevators. Made to allow access between construction hoists and buildings, the runback platform is a temporary structure installed on a floor or a roof. It allows labor savings up to 30%.
The Quickback platform principle is quite simple; the system is a combination of landing floors made of aluminum ledger, landing beams and planks and ply woods, and modular system scaffold which includes vertical posts with rosettes and braces.

By using vertical posts with rosettes, the system can be easily adjusted to any landing level. A finer adjustment can be achieved by linking landing beam attachment to the rosettes.


All parts are lightweight to can be installed without crane and supporting equipment. Only need a hammer to install (no wrenches) nothing to drop when installers are working. NO loose parts. WEDGE CONNECTORS (no nuts or bolts).

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