Tunnels and locks

Tunnels and locks

Fraco work platforms are ideal for restoration, repairs or demolition works. Their large workspace offers all the latitude required to use machine tools and to install the formwork necessary for concreting. These platforms stand out during construction of underwater or road tunnels or upgrading of locks. Fraco also offers different types of temporary elevators and permanent elevators that find their application during construction of access shafts or to access the arches of metro stations.

A complete range of work platforms and elevators

  • Work platforms for chipping, reinforcing, form working and concrete pouring
  • Transport platforms for drilling access wells for collectors or aqueducts
  • Construction hoist for the transport of persons, tools, and materials
  • Service elevators for inspection and maintenance of road or submarine tunnels.

Elevation equipment adapted to the specific characteristics of projects

Mast climbing work platforms represent one of the most useful types of equipment for the construction or repair of concrete structures found in the different types of tunnels and in the locks. If necessary, this equipment can be modified to adjust the work environment without compromising productivity, in addition to being loaded with all the materials and tools necessary to complete a project.

Fraco also offers temporary elevators for transporting workers and materials. Designed to minimize on-site interruptions, the SEH Series rack and pinion construction hoists and the SEP Series transport platforms are available in multiple size-capacity-speed combinations.

Ou rack and pinion permanent elevators of the SEL Series can be installed in limited spaces. Fraco offers a variety of standard and custom cabin dimensions, with lifting capabilities from 500 lb to 7000 lb, with lifting speeds of up to 300 feet per minute.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Fraco products comply with industry codes and current safety guidelines:

  • ANSI A17.1, CSA B44 et EN-81 (permanent elevators)
  • ANSI A10.4; CSA Z185; EN 12159 (personnel hoists)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.10; CSA B354.12-13; EN 12158 (transport platforms)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.9; CSA B354.5; Directive machine 42 / CE (mast climbing work platforms).

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