Portable hoisting device


FRH portable lifting device

Portable hoisting device

The perfect complement

The FRH-4000 portable lifting device is the perfect complement to the FRSM-20K work platform. It brings material such as full cube of bricks or load of mortaron the platform while workers still do their jobs. The portable hoisting device arm can pivot 180 degrees allowing the positioning of material on both sides of the mast.

The FRH-4000 is powered by the motorized unit hydraulic system using Quick-Connect fittings. It is simple to operate with easy-to-reach controls. It requires low maintenance.

The FRH-4000 Portable lifting device can also be used with the ACT-8. It really optimizes the use of any work platform.

Technical data

Units :
Maximum capacity
1 814 kg
Maximum cable length
47,6 m (with 9,5 mm cable diameter)
Arm radius
2,46 m
Winch type
Braden Gearmatic

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