Oil Refinery and Chemical Process

Oil Refinery and Chemical Process

Refineries and industrial chemical processing plants have always represented demanding and hazardous environments. This situation has led Fraco to develop rack and pinion lifts suitable for environments where gases are volatile, and the risk of explosion is high. Those elevators are ideal for the reliable and safe transport of employees and materials during daily activities and inspections. for your safety, each component integrated in Fraco's explosion proof elevators, including the engine and brakes, is specially designed to eliminate the risk of explosion.

Fraco also offers work platforms that facilitate the construction of silos and storage tanks present at oil and gas terminals.

Lifting Equipment Suitable for the Chemical Industry

Fraco offers a variety of elevator options for temporary and permanent installations. Our products meet several critical application requirements for the chemical industry, including:

  • Crude oil distillation (CDU) and vacuum distillation (VDU) units
  • Naphtha (NHT) and diesel (DHT) hydrotreating units
  • Fluid catalytic cracking units (FCC)
  • Hydrocrackers
  • Sulfur recovery units (SRU)
  • Catalytic reformers (CCR)
  • Isomerization unit
  • Heavy hydrocarbon removal and separation units (HRU and HSU)
  • Delayed coking unit
  • Polyethylene tanks
  • Storage tanks for liquefied natural gas (LNG and GTL fuel) and liquified petroleum gas (LPG)
  • Construction of storage tanks.

Reliable Explosion Proof Elevators

Our elevators are manufactured to meet service requirements and comply with Class 1 of the hazardous area classification inherent in various refining and petrochemical processes and applications. The permanent elevators of the SEL Series can be installed in a limited space. Fraco offers a variety of standard and custom cabin dimensions, with lifting capabilities from 500 lb to 7000 lb, with lifting speeds of up to 300 feet per minute.

Mast climbing work platforms represent one of the most useful types of equipment for the construction storage tanks present on oil and gaz terminals. If necessary, this equipment can be modified to adjust the work environment without compromising productivity, in addition to being loaded with all the materials and tools necessary to complete a project.

Compliance with Industry Standards

Fraco products comply with industry codes and current safety guidelines:

  • ANSI A17.1, CSA B44 et EN-81 (permanent elevators)
  • ATEX Regulation
  • ANSI A10.4; CSA Z185; EN 12159 (personnel hoists)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.10; CSA B354.12-13; EN 12158 (transport platforms)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.9; CSA B354.5; Directive machine 42 / CE (mast climbing work platforms).

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