Ports and Shipyards

Ports and Shipyards

Fraco offers state-of-the-art rack and pinion elevators, specially designed to contribute to the performance of port terminal staff. We understand that the tasks and responsibilities assigned to crane operators and maintenance technicians now require safe and reliable vertical transportation options. From this perspective, the use of our lifts on quayside cranes and yard-side equipment leads to greater efficiency in handling operations, preventative maintenance operations and regular repairs.

Elevators and Lifts to Access Gantry Cranes and Dry Docks

  • Permanent elevators for rubber-tired Gantry cranes (RTG) and rail mounted Gantry cranes (RMG)
  • Permanent lifts for ship-to-shore (STS) cranes
  • Permanent elevators for Goliath Gantry cranes on of shipyards
  • Permanent elevators on dry docks or on ships in dry docks
  • Permanent elevators for access to ships, towers or silos
  • Mast climbing work platforms for works on ships in dry docks
  • Mast climbing work platforms for works on dry dock walls

High-Performance Access Equipment

Fraco offers terminal operators and port operators its permanent SEL Series permanent elevators. These elevators increase productivity, reliability, performance and overall safety. They come in a variety of standard and custom cabin sizes, with lifting capacities of 500 lb to 7000 lb, with lifting speeds of up to 300 feet per minute.

The mast climbing work platforms are also present at various shipyards around the world. They are a useful and safe type of equipment for repairing ships in dry docks. Thanks to their great flexibility, work platforms can be adapted to all types of ships and submarines. Their size and capabilities allow the delivery of heavy materials and tools.

Compliance with standards in the port and ship industry

Fraco products comply with industry codes and current safety guidelines:

  • ANSI A17.1, CSA B44 et EN-81 (permanent elevators)
  • ANSI A10.4; CSA Z185; EN 12159 (personnel hoists)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.10; CSA B354.12-13; EN 12158 (transport platforms)
  • ANSI/SIA A92.9; CSA B354.5; Directive machine 42 / CE (mast climbing work platforms).

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