Quebec manufacturer continues to improve the daily lives of masons

St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, February 3, 2020 - Fraco Products Ltd. aims to put visitors to the World of Concrete 2020 in full view. In keeping with its tradition of innovation, this year the Quebec manufacturer will present an exoskeleton for North American masonry workers. Based on Quebec technology, Fraco Exoskeleton is the best way to reduce fatigue and the risk of injuries associated with handling concrete blocks on construction sites, but also a way to counter the lack of labour force also present in the construction industry.

Developed in collaboration with Mawashi Science and Technology Inc. (St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec), Fraco Exoskeleton is a device attached to several members of the human body to restore its mobility and reduce its effort. It is the result of an adaptation of the UPRISEmc exoskeleton developed by Mawashi for the military sector and is in fact one of the first civilian applications of this model. For Armand Rainville, founder of Fraco, this device is a revolution for the masonry industry: "During my career as a mason, I have known so many workers who have had to leave the profession around the age of 40 because they have jeoperdize their health by manoeuvring concrete blocks. We developed the Fraco Exoskeleton with all these workers in mind. "

Visitors to the World of Concrete exhibition in Las Vegas from February 4 to 7, 2020 will have the chance to attend several daily demonstrations of the Fraco Exoskeleton, demonstrations that will allow them to understand its operation and to assess its benefits. At the same time, Fraco will also present its FRSM-20K work platform model, which will be equipped with FRH-4000 portable lifting device. With lifting capacities of 10 000 lb for the FRSM-20K and 4 000 kg for the FRH-4000, these two products represent the most adapted equipment to the realities of the masonry industry.

Fraco Products Ltd. is a Canadian manufacturer of vertical transportation equipment and systems for people and materials. Its product range includes work platforms, transport platforms, construction elevators and industrial elevators. The equipment is intended for construction, industrial markets and infrastructure work. Fraco Products Ltd. also has a solid reputation for developing access systems for special projects. The company mainly serves North America, Europe and Asia.

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