Safety on Mast-Climbers

When it comes to working on a work platform, we always focus on the main risks contributing to the majority of accidents. Beyond these immediate dangers, there are concerns about the long-term repercussions on workers' health

FRACO EXO - Questions & Answers

The concept of an exoskeleton is not particularly new, it has been used in the military and medical field for decades, but recently the exo has been adapted for the construction industry. You may have caught glimpses of exoskeletons in specialized magazines, exhibitions, or social media feeds. Yet, despite the buzz surrounding them, very few interested parties have tried it on. Everyone is wondering: how does it feels working while wearing the exo ??

Fraco Platforms: When 1 + 1 = 1

Every day, Fraco work platforms prove their value on hundreds of construction sites in North America and Europe. One of the main manifestations of their flexibility is the ability to combine two motorized units in order to extend the working space.

The perfect package for pulps and papers

For 20 years, Fraco has developed extraordinary expertise in the supply of equipment used for the construction of tanks and vessels with several hundred tons of capacity, whether for laying outdoor bricks or structural ceramic tiles found inside these tanks. We invite you to look at few realizations including the construction of a 650-ton high-density reservoir of a pulp and paper plant.

Airports: Fraco takes off

The infrastructure sector, and especially the airport industry, is also one where Fraco products prove their usefulness. Often used for the installation of metal cladding in hangars, mast climbing work platforms also stand out in the construction of international terminals that compete for their modernism and architectural styles. Among other things, we invite you to learn about our contribution to the construction of the latest Edmonton International Airport terminal and other North American and European projects.

Building bridges for generations

Whether it is for building a new bridge or repairing another, Fraco's expertise has often been used for more than 20 years. We provide permanent elevators for cable-stayed bridge pylons, as well as work platforms to perform concrete work on pillars and other structures. Fraco stands out for its ability to offer access solutions that adapt to all bridge configurations. We invite you to see our contributions to the Samuel-de-Champlain Bridge in Montreal and other major projects in Canada and United States

It grows in the grain sector!

Fraco supplies access solutions to the grain industry. We provide lifting devices for grain silo located in grain terminals or on mills. Fraco can easily replace belt manlifts and traction elevators and provide solutions to access the conveyor structure or the transfer tower.

Fraco is active in the aggregate industry

Fraco offers to the aggregate industry several lifting solutions for persons and material. Whether it's to climb the floors of a preheating tower or access the storage silos of a cement plant, or to check the proper functioning of the components of an asphalt plant, Fraco offers efficient industrial elevators adapted to all conditions and climates.

Shanon Beekman's appointed Training Development Manager

François Villeneuve, Vice-President, Project Development & Engineering at Fraco Products Ltd, is pleased to announce Shanon Beekman’s appointment as Training Development Manager.


Fraco Products Ltd. aims to put visitors to the World of Concrete 2020 in full view. In keeping with its tradition of innovation, this year the Quebec manufacturer will present an exoskeleton for North American masonry workers.


Buying used mast climbers can be a complicated process, because there will always be that diamond in the rough or those deals that sound too good to be true. In either case, having knowledge on the equipment you are buying will help you make better decisions!

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Having trouble hiring? Need help with employee retention? Discover what Olga would do!