The platform that started it all

About 25 years ago, Armand Rainville, our current chairman, was running a team of bricklayers, and he decided to try out mastclimbers from a company called Fraco. He rented 8 platforms for his worksite, but his team was not pleased : they told Armand to take them out of there.

Fraco Platforms: When 1 + 1 = 1

Every day, Fraco work platforms prove their value on hundreds of construction sites in North America and Europe. One of the main manifestations of their flexibility is the ability to combine two motorized units in order to extend the working space.

The perfect package for pulps and papers

For 20 years, Fraco has developed extraordinary expertise in the supply of equipment used for the construction of tanks and vessels with several hundred tons of capacity, whether for laying outdoor bricks or structural ceramic tiles found inside these tanks. We invite you to look at few realizations including the construction of a 650-ton high-density reservoir of a pulp and paper plant.

Julie Rainville interviewed by SA magazine

In the latest edition of the monthly "SA" published by the Scaffold and Access Industry Association, editor Cathee Johnson Phillips interviews eight women who provide their insights and advice on having a successful career in the industry. Julie Rainville, co-president of Fraco, was one of those women leaders interviewed. We invite you to read her words.